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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bundaran UGM

Visiting Yogyakarta would not complete if you do not explore public spaces which for years used as a gathering place and establish intimacy. In place, you can enjoy the various activities held by citizens of the city, enjoy the street art there is to eat a variety of typical dishes.

One of the interesting places to visit is the University Boulevard Gadjah Mada (UGM) is located in the forefront of the university. For decades, this place has made the spread of activities young people, arts and sports. From morning to night, this place always beats but with a different offer. So did every day, from Monday to Sunday.

When the evening is the best time to visit. Typically, many young people who use this place to hold activities to skate breakdance. BMX bikers communities and communities of various types of motorcycles would often use this place to gather. Watching their activities, you can enjoy a variety of snacks on offer. 

every Sunday morning UGM Boulevard utilized for jogging, cycling and relaxing various other sports. After the fitness recreation, you can enjoy interesting food sold, such as Chicken Porridge, Rice Liwet Solo, Lontong opor and various beverages. 

more interesting if all the complex ugm full day of the week with a variety of merchandise. ranging from knick-knacks, household items, clothing, shoes, bags to plants. if the regular day, at noon along ugm boulovard are many vendors of fresh food and drink. many of the workers and students who took the time to eat lunch in this place


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