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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Biennale Jogja X - 2009

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That things distinguishes the city of Yogyakarta with other major cities in Indonesia is the art pulse beating so hard it. There are no empty weeks without art exhibitions. Artists never run out of ideas for using various places as "gallery." No miss, even the ordinary citizen working in public spaces. 

This situation would be compared in a Javanese idiom, autumn mountain ( gugur gunung, gotong royong ), where mutual cooperation, togetherness, still strong in the social process of artistic activity in Yogyakarta These dynamics can also be described as a jam session in which each artist to each other in dialogue, sharing, and create in harmony creation.

Creative movement has spawned a monumental work and the discourse that marks the spirit of each era, such as humanism, democracy, universal humanism, resistance to the establishment of aesthetics, the unrest among the local and global culture, and urban art.

Jogjakarta X-Biennale 2009, titled "Jogja Jamming: Art Archive Movement" is a reflection of these dynamics. Reflection is poured in two practices, the artists interpretation of the spirit of the times in the archives and exhibitions. In this context, the meaning of the archive is not just an inanimate object, but also the memories that live in the present.

This practice in the conductivity by 126 artists who held interesting works in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Sangkring Art Space, Jogja National Museum. While the exhibition will be held in the archives of Bank Indonesia Building. Then more than 200 artists and city residents will melt together to respond to the corners of the city. At this point, the biennale is not just displaying works of art, but also space for the operation of a culture.

poto takes : abivara's bb

teks : jogja biennale


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