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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ancient Volcanoes

Ancient volcano in the south of the mountain districts jogjakarta is one alternative tourist sites. Ecotourism is one of the activities of environmental friendly tourism by emphasizing aspects of nature conservation, social and cultural aspects of economic empowerment of local communities and aspects of learning and education.

this region many local tourists visit during holidays.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bundaran UGM

Visiting Yogyakarta would not complete if you do not explore public spaces which for years used as a gathering place and establish intimacy. In place, you can enjoy the various activities held by citizens of the city, enjoy the street art there is to eat a variety of typical dishes.

One of the interesting places to visit is the University Boulevard Gadjah Mada (UGM) is located in the forefront of the university. For decades, this place has made the spread of activities young people, arts and sports. From morning to night, this place always beats but with a different offer. So did every day, from Monday to Sunday.

When the evening is the best time to visit. Typically, many young people who use this place to hold activities to skate breakdance. BMX bikers communities and communities of various types of motorcycles would often use this place to gather. Watching their activities, you can enjoy a variety of snacks on offer. 

every Sunday morning UGM Boulevard utilized for jogging, cycling and relaxing various other sports. After the fitness recreation, you can enjoy interesting food sold, such as Chicken Porridge, Rice Liwet Solo, Lontong opor and various beverages.


more interesting if all the complex ugm full day of the week with a variety of merchandise. ranging from knick-knacks, household items, clothing, shoes, bags to plants.

if the regular day, at noon along ugm boulovard are many vendors of fresh food and drink. many of the workers and students who took the time to eat lunch in this place

Thursday, January 21, 2010

under construction, back soon....

under construction, back soon 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

alkid , alun - alun kidul yogyakrta. sweet memories

Anyone who have ever lived in Yogyakarta, certainly can not forget the familiar feel of the South Square. In the middle of the night with friends in college, you may have sat on the mats are available in shops around while talking about the task of classroom lectures to younger idol. Alternatively you can often enjoy the warmth of a drink while chatting with neighbors village or co-worker  during in Yogyakarta............................. 

South Square is the area behind the sultan's palace complex of buildings to the south of the Central Food  Gudeg Khas Wijilan. Symbolized by an elephant who has a calm temperament, Alun-Alun Kidul is a balancing North Square which has a noisy character. Therefore, Alun-Alun Kidul is considered " the palereman " (rest) of the Gods. until now the plaza south into the 'ngleremke ati' (reassuring) to many people.  

Five o'clock is early crowd Square South. The tents were erected and traders began to food or beverages will be sold that were prepared. 

treat a variety of children's games come meramaiakan evening atmosphere kidul.mulai square from miniature buggy that you can rent a couple of times around the square with the price of 5 thousand rupiah. whereas in the square there is a mini tricycles, mini cars, carousel, etc. can be rented for children's games.


In addition to the evening, you can also visit this plaza, sure to see something different. You can see the kingdom of elephants in the Elephant Cage during the day or see a football match children and adolescents around the square in the afternoon. On the edge of the square is also the day many traders selling Klithikan. You can hunt for antiques in it.

So dark, you can begin to try out foods and beverages sold. When you walk into one corner, you will find shops 'ronde', a ginger drink beverage composition, nuts, fro and spheres of rice flour with warm sugar Java liquid. The price was quite cheap, only about Rp. 2500.00. 

not far from the vendors rounds, you will find the seller " wedang bajigur". While still serving ginger flavored drinks, but the drinks composition was still different . wedang bajigur  gravy made from coconut milk, ginger, powdered coffee and Java sugar syrup . Usually, wedang bajigur filled bread slices, shredded coconut and the box to and fro. Warmth can sweep the cold night and enliven the atmosphere of your gathering.

if you are hungry, you can also eat a variety of dishes. offerings such as roasted corn, grilled banana and toast is the right friends, if you order wedang bajigur. Roasted corn sold here burned with butter and chili sauce until cooked but not burnt, while the grilled banana chocolate will be given melt when baked. Both were really able to indulge tongue. Toast was available in a variety of taste tempting to be able to.

Choice of side dishes when you want to eat with rice are also available. Grilled chicken, grilled fish variety until tempeh is available. Cooking may be normal, but if able to make sense of the plaza south as a cooking ingredient, it would be extraordinary. Lesehan concept, generally diner in the area of this square with the price of food hawking was expensive. You can be satisfied with only a Rp. 5000.00 .

After pampering your tongue, you can try attractions named " Masangin ", namely through the pass between two banyan trees in the middle of the square with a black cloth blindfolded. That said, if people can get through it and not hit the philandering or she will receive immeasurable blessings. But, do not try to peek, because if you do you will go into another world. You'll find the plaza in a quiet and hard to come back to reality againi. to try, you simply hire a black cloth for Rp. 3000.00.

At certain times, you can see the puppet in "Sasono Hinggil Dwi Abad". However, to view you need to prepare because generally wayang held all-night long. You can also see the soldiers preparing the court to “Grebeg celebrate” (Maulud celebration commemorating the Prophet). In the square is all the soldiers assembled to conduct rehearsals the day before the festival and went to the plaza north of the date of the celebration.


srandak beach

Kuwaru beach is one beach in Bantul, located on the east coast Pandansimo. Administratively coastal hamlet area include Village Poncosari Kuwaru Srandakan District. 

the distance from the city of Yogyakarta about 29 KM. For the beach is quite easy because the available facilities of adequate roads. On this beach but we can enjoy the waves south coast is also food shops with a variety of menu offerings.

One thing that distinguishes the other beaches on the coast of Bantul Kuwaru we can enjoy the beach breeze while dining or relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Shade of the beach thanks to the efforts undertaken afforestation residents from about six years ago.

Coast Pandansimo in Poncosari Village, District Srandakan, approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Bantul City. Located adjacent to the Progo River Estuary, and is the most western coast of the South Coast line into the area of the Bantul District.

Big waves and wild, mystical atmosphere which is still thick with the many sacred petilasan, fishing frenzy fight against violent tide is its own attraction for tourists. Besides the beautiful beach panorama, on the coast there are also Pandansimo tourist attraction and pilgrimage as Pandansari Pandanpayung. Interesting things can be done here is to shop direct from marine fish the local fishermen.

Pandansimo name itself comes from the word "pandan (pandanus trees) and" Simo "(tiger). Here there are also many cultural activities such as traditional ceremony Merti Village, sea port alms, and performing arts culture. 

Thus a small pleasure in the middle of the pulse of life in the Coast Pandansimo fishermen. Simply paid admission tickets which average under $ 2,000 per head, you can feel the pulse of life full of simplicity fishermen.

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