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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the search for milk in Bandung, from ancient times until now

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale or better known as the BMC of milk center of Bandung. At first, BMC is a community gathering milk from farmers in the city of Bandung in the early 20th century. Whole milk from 22 farms that reach production 13 thousand liters per day is collected by the BMC and processed and pasteurized before they were distributed and consumed by customers both in and outside the city of Bandung.

Formed BMC history can not be separated from the policy of the Dutch East Indies colonial government began compiling the importance of consuming milk. It is based on the habits of Dutch people who consume milk in Europe. The government finally started to bring in dairy cows Friesland (Netherlands) at the end of the 19th century.

in the BMC you can enjoy a variety of drinks which is a product of milk, among other Coctail Yoghurt, Milk Shake, Shake Yogurt, whole milk or milk with different flavors such as chocolate or strawberry. In addition there are other products that contain milk such as ice cream for example Ice Cream Tart Mini Tiramisu, Ice Cream Tart Mini Black Forest, Ice Cream Yogurt Stick, and others. One drink is also delicious is Shalimar.

Besides beverages prepared from milk, BMC also has a menu that is quite famous in the city of Bandung. Favorite meals at BMC namely Tail Soup Fried. You can enjoy fried oxtail soup served with a sauce separate. Pain at BMC fried oxtail is very tasty soup broth plus the added pleasure of the main menu is Fried Tail Soup.

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) In addition to the main food menu and drinks from the milk, BMC also provides a variety of other foods such as rice lead, uduk rice, roasted rice, Pepes rice, fried rice, curry, gado-gado. There is also a menu of European dishes such as lasagna schotle mixed Italian-style mozzarella cheese. There is also Zupa-Zupa chowder served with pieces of chicken meat and mushrooms covered with bread (Puss pastry).

While enjoying your meal in Bandoengsche Melk Centrale or BMC, you can also see the unique architecture of old Dutch buildings are used as this restaurant. The exterior of this building is maintained following the old Dutch era buildings. Similarly, the interior is very classic but has been styled with the modern. On the walls of the room BMC, you can see pictures of the ancient city such as Jalan Braga earlier times.

Location located at Jalan Aceh BMC No. 30, near the Parliament building in Bandung. If the Jalan Braga, you just straight to the north and then turn left at Jalan Aceh. Not far from there you will find BMC. If you visit the city of Bandung, you can make the BMC as one of the interesting culinary destinations.

Rp.22.000 liwet rice prices, - while the chicken Katsu Rp.19.500, - strawberry yogurt and MoCA Rp.11.000, - whereas for yoghurt cocktail Rp.13.500, -

BMC address at Jl. Aceh No.30 tlp.022 4204595.
Branch: Mall PVJ - Bandung, Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Blok A6-B Kav.17, Jakarta

Friday, December 17, 2010

inter-religious harmony in Indonesia

island of the gods that the majority of population are Hindus, but still uphold the inter-religious tolerance. side by side and in harmony. respective faiths can worship each run. in Bali, there are 3 places of worship together in one location. there are churches, mosques and temples.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

kenduri jogja : come to jogja

Mengharap kehadiran Teman2 Semua dlm KENDURI JOGJA "Ayo ke Jogja" yg akan dipimpin langsung Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. Minggu, 5 Des 2010, Titik 0 Jogja (depan Kantor Pos Jogja & sepanjang Malioboro) Jam 6 pagi. Mari kita tunjukkan bahwa Jogja aman, Jogja dapat dikunjungi.

the Green Canyon in West Java

One of the famous tourist places in West Java is the Green Canyon. From Ciamis City it is about 130 kilometers, about 31 kilometers from the renowned Pangandaran beach or half an hour trip by car. The original name of this place in the local tongue is “cukang taneuh,” which means a bridge of land, a piece of ground track that resembles a rising bridge, which is actually formed by a penetrating river below. This path is used by farmers to cross into their gardens.

Other nearby attraction is Batukaras, not far from the local airport of Nusawiru. The name Green Canyon is first coined by a French tourist. The greenish color of river water may be the reason why this place is so called. The cukang taneuh or bridge of land has a width of 3 meters and length of 40 meters connecting the Kertayasa and Batukaras rural areas.

The attraction is represented by a river flow all through the Cijulang cave with stunning stalactites and stalagmites while the river is flanked by two hills of ancient rocks with trees on both banks providing natural unique and challenging attractions to navigate. Right at the upstream is a cave where the bridge of land lies on top.

Before reaching the attractions in the upstream, the river flow is quite long that you may want to swim it up with the flow and waterfalls. For those who like diving, it is advisable to bring scuba gears to enjoy the spectacular scenery through incredible basins along the river depth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

keliling kota gede

simple things we do in between daily activities can be a little treat fatigue mind. afternoon, riding a bike 'onthel' around kota gede, along the road corridors between the houses. narrow streets with walls as high as 2 meters in a typical township kota gede. wall around the entire house and yard. so when we get around in the hallways, as if trapped in an endless labyrinth. sometimes, we have to come down from the bicycle when passing road users from the front. or we have to come down from the bicycle when passing a group of mothers who were gathered at the guard post which usually exist at the intersection of the alley.

*pic source:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HPku ilang sudah diganti IBN

 ternyata memang enggak enak banget selama 6 hari tanpa hape. enggak ada komunikasi dengan teman ataupun urusan kerja. enggak cuma itu, ditambah rasa jengkel yang enggak abis-abis, karena hape semua digondol maling enggak disisain satupun. yang lebih menyakitkan, selama ini markas yang aman terkendali ternyata ada yang berani mengacak-acak  .

tapi sekarang sudah bisa sedikit bisa tersenyum kembali. hape yang ilang sudah dapat ganti yang baru. ya, dapat ganti hp baru dari kok bisa???
bisa karena aku ikut PPC dan PPP-nya beberapa bulan kemarin daftar di ibn, setelah di aprove, udah tinggal pasang iklan, trus nunggu tugas review dari ibn. kebetulan bulan kemarin dapat tugas mereview  program xl blackberry gratis roaming international. setelah tugas review pertama itu saya posting di  blog ini, tinggal nunggu pay out. katanya sih, PO-nya lumayan.

sebenarnya harap-harap cemas juga, antara percaya dan tidak. apa bener ada program yang begitu menarik dengan menawarkan pay out yang tinggi. ternyata, sesuai janji yang disampaikan oleh ibn, bahwa PO akan dilakukan 30-45 hari setelah posting tugas  review , pada tanggal 25 november rekeningku terisi 800.000 dari ibn. konfirmasi transfer juga disampaikan oleh team ibn ke imelku bahwa telah dilakukan pembayaran dari kerekeningku sejumlah 800.000. akhirnya jadi hape yang teman-teman lihat di foto itu.

meskipun belum bisa 3Gan kayak kemarin, tapi lumayan lah sudah tidak lost contack lagi. terimakasih banyak buat idblognetwork yang telah memberi kesempatan kepada saya dan blogger indonesia untuk ikut gabung dalam program PPC maupun PPP. hal ini menjadi peluang bagi blogger indonesia untuk mendapat penghasilan, sekedar buat nambah uang jajan, bayar kuliah, bayar pulsa internet dll. pengennya sih dapat tugas review lagi, buat beli gadget canggih, biar nggak cuma mereview aja tapi benar-benar make itu gadget hehehe.........

buat sobat blogger semua, manfaatkan peluang ini, segera daftar  syaratnya cuma punya blog yang berkualitas. enggak ada KKN disini, aturannya jelas dan fair. satu lagi yang perlu sobat blogger lakukan adalah...berdoa..agar dapat jatah iklan dan tugas review.

salut buat, yang telah memberikan peluang bagi blogger indonesia dan juga memberikan tantangan bagi  sobat blogger semua untuk meningkatkan kualitas blogging. semakin banyaknya anggota ibn, menuntut sobat blogger untuk semakin meningkatkan kualitas aktivitas bloggingnya. tentunya ini akan menjadi hal yang bagus untuk kemajuan dunia bloging di indonesia.

sekali lagi terimakasih syukran gracias thank you mercy kumawa yo xie-xie arigato gozaimasu dangkewel dan maturnuwun buat sukses buat semua dan jangan lupa saya tunggu tugas berikutnya...hehehehehe

Monday, November 29, 2010

bali corner : got aids ? Mr. Wanker

when the streets along kuta bali, disturbed by a series of words arranged in the window of a shop. series of words that simply invite the attention of all pedestrians who pass through that road. so many words that stuck to the glass, enough to make a lot of people smiled a little when reading it. although the true meaning less pleased, but when it is intended as a main focal point for pedestrians to see or just pay attention to the shop who put the words, it becomes something different and unique. and apparently it worked, every person who pass will read it and would smile, whether in their hearts. you are interested to read something directly? a time to visit this store and search along the highway kuta bali.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

magical journey in uluwatu

Uluwatu is famous for its beautiful beaches and towering cliffs.  garuda wisnu kencana tourist area was located there. it was not just surfers who are fond of this area, because the cyclists were very loved. full route climbs a challenge. cycling in Uluwatu means enjoying the beautiful scenery presented, ranging from beautiful beaches suluban, high cliffs, bamboo forest, a row of cottonwood trees, temples Pecatu, traditional villages also typical Balinese hospitality of its inhabitants will leave an unforgettable impression.
in Uluwatu you will find the route of asphalt, and off-road. if you use the services of a travel package provider, then the route is available usually starts from a height of 200 meters above the sea surface and ends at the level of 60 meters above sea level, if the route down is less challenging for you, it will usually be provided an additional route is uphill. enjoy the adventure cycling in Uluwatu paa morning, accompanied by various sounds of birds and butterflies flying around you. its a magical journey, We tell you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

police cars charming eyes and look pretty in legian bali

Legian street as one corner of the island of Bali which is the central tourist destination in Bali increasingly pamper tourists. all kinds of services intended to comfort the travelers. even for security affairs was adapted to environmental conditions. as seen in the photo, a police car guard at a street corner in front of Legian Bali bombing monument 1. color of the car became one sweetener ornaments, together with the cafes in the vicinity. different from a police patrol car in another place, featuring a fierce accessories. Legian street patrol car in a very eye catching, far from frightening. however, does not reduce the sense of security for the traveler who were enjoying the atmosphere along Legian street.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The cheapest hotel in Bali island

Bali tourism is still a mainstay of this nation. now all the more easy by the existence of transportation and accommodation are often doing the promo department low cost.

who does not wish to Bali, island of the gods who always become a tourist's dream? of course, all considerations are not far away from the cost factor which must be drawn, especially to stay. first, maybe you need to reach the pockets deep enough to stay in a comfortable, safe, and strategic. and while financial conditions were mediocre, the streets can not be maximal, because the money has gone to pay for accommodation.

but it was not to be an issue anymore, because the tune will provide solutions to stay cheap and safe. as a traveler, you certainly want to reduce the cost of staying, so the money could be used for other activities that maximize the enjoyment of tour events.
cheap but not cheap
which is the concept of Tune, which reduce the cost of lodging costs to provide an opportunity to spend more for other things, as well as actively supporting the local business network. These hotels offer experience in star hotels to bed at a low price. yes, from  Rp. 68,000 hotels, you can enjoy facilities like those of the bedrooms in hotels. even if it was the promo you will get a price like crazy. for example one of their promo price of  Rp. 28 per night room, crazy right?

each room is equipped with a private bathroom with a shower of high-pressure hot water, so even though pay cheap, but amenities remain qualified, with a maximum level of privacy. also with security is maintained 24 hours, from key access to cctv.

with a very cheap price with luxurious facilities, but do not forget that the above price is only for a room with only basic facilities, such as a fan in the ceiling as conditioning. does not include ac, towels, basic toiletries (soap and shampoo), breakfast, and several other facilities. but if you need any additional extra, you just inform the front office. everything can be obtained with a very affordable price. so you only pay for what you use it. so, although the price was very cheap, you can still save, by selecting facilities that are needed. as a picture, towel rental Rp. 16,500 (30,000 deposit will be refunded when returning the towel), ac  Rp. 49 000 (12 hours), Rp. 82.500 (24h), in-room wifi Rp. 55.000 (24 hours)

as a suggestion, you should book a hotel room far in advance in order to get the cheapest room rates. if you come directly, you may not get the cheapest price. to reserve a room, you can see it here tune kuta located very close to Kuta beach. only 6 minutes walk to the beach. even this hotel is located adjacent to the shopping and culinary areas near Kuta Square on Kuta beach road.

if your activities around the hotel, for lunch, you can stop at plengkung in kuta highway No. 90, close to the Joger. local food is very delicious, especially for those who like fried chicken or grilled fish. evening you can enjoy the sunset at the rock bar at Ayana Resort, located right on Kuta beach. dinner there can choose jimbaran beach, here a paradise for seafood fans. if you enjoyed clubbing, please streets in Legian, just walk and you are the center of Bali island crowds.

it was not satisfied to Bali without shopping, by-the typical Balinese can be found in stores krishna. located close to the Joger and with the cheapest prices in Bali.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quicksilver Cruise, adrenaline test at sea

Bali tourism destination to a truly interesting and attractive. virtually almost every corner of this island is a tourist attraction worth visiting. nah, when we visit to  bali would not hurt to try the activity on board a cruise vacation. quicksilver cruise with foam package Penida island day cruise. cruise ships are equipped with Waterslide this will bring us to enjoy the beauty and culture of Bali waters. in this package trip will start at 09:00 until 16:00 every day with a shuttle from the hotel facilities. travel on the ship towards Nusa Penida about 45 minutes. during the trip we can enjoy views of the sea or watch the entertainment and attractions by the crew of quicksilver. when the ship arrived and leaned on a mega pantoon this is where all activities are capable of pumping adrenaline provided. various activities such as banana boat, snorkeling, semi-submarine, Waterslide until ocean  spa awaits us. so we could visit the island of Nusa Penida witnessed the traditional attractions of cockfighting. you interested?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dreamland Beach: the waves in the land of dreams

in addition to art and culture are extraordinary,  bali is also famous for its beaches - the exotic beaches every tourist who looked stunning. do not care about foreign and domestic tourists would chuckle in awe to see the beauty of this beach. Dreamland beach in the village of Pecatu, naughty, bali south. brownish white sandy beach which is surrounded by cliffs that rise high and a large rock. stone cliffs above the green meadows become one of favorite places for tourists to enjoy the beach view from the top. This beach has great waves of high and made it one surferfing destination in Bali. various facilities can be found here, ranging from public toilet facilities, rental umbrellas and beach chairs, swimsuits merchants and sellers of food and beverages. other than that in the region also spread a lot of resorts and villa as a place to stay while enjoying exotic dreamland beach

Monday, November 1, 2010

witnessed the Ramayana ballet performance at prambanan

Ramayana ballet tells the life of Rama. While ballet is shown only a small part of the journey of life of Rama. This story comes from the flow / Hindu religion which came from India, then India too is very famous story. Prambanan Temple was chosen as the venue for ballet because the temple is a temple of Hindu religious heritage and the story of Ramayana is also the story wing Hindu. Prambanan Temple serves to pay homage to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and God Grace. This temple also serves to preserve the culture and introduce the history for the tourists.

The language used in Ramayana Ballet is the language of Java. So far never expressed in other language versions, but explained in narrative form (text translate english and Indonesian language). Work done by the executor to retain ballet is to form a Ramayana ballet in story form, and by publishing books, and make shadow puppets. This story is themed story of Rama and Ravana fight to marry a beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. This story contains a message that to get what belongs to us, we must try hard, trust, and ask God's help. In addition, greed and evil will be defeated. There are a lot of character - character in this story. Among others:
1. Rama is kind and always tried to get her back what was lost.
2. Dewi Shinta is gentle
3. Leksmana who are loyal to Rama
4. Ravana is evil and greedy
5. Marica (Kijang Kencana)
6. Jatayu
7. Hanuman
8. Sugriwa
9. Subali
10. Iriyata
11. Kumbhakarna
12. Goddess Tara

This story has a background in ancient times and set in place in the State Mantili, the kingdom of Lanka, Dandaka Forest, Cave Kiskendo, Argasoka Park. This story has a plot forward. Synopsis is as follows:
Rama Wijaya, Shinta, and are venturing into the forest Leksmana Dandaka. Rawana see Dewi Shinta and wanted to marry her. So Rawana Marica told to turn himself into a golden deer. Shinta is fascinated by the gazelles golden golden deer caught telling Rama. Then Rama go chasing deer. After a long wait, Shinta was worried and told Leksman to follow Rama. Before leaving Shinta, Leksmana create a protective circle around Shinta. When Ravana realized that Shinta alone, he then disguised as an old beggar and then kidnap Shinta and took him to the kingdom of Lanka. On the way to Lanka Ravana met Jatayu and they fought, and Jatayu lost. When Rama and Leksmana realize that Sprott has been lost, Rama thinks Jatayu had killed him but was arrested Leksmana. Jatayu explains everything and then he died. Then came the capture Hanuman tells Subali goddess Tara from Sugriwa. Rama then willing to help Sugriwa. Subali then defeated Sugriwa assisted by Rama. Sugriwa finally decides to help Rama rescue Sinta. Then Hanuman was sent to the kingdom Alenka. Meanwhile Ravana Shinta who reject proposal to marry her arrive - arrived to hear the song sung by Hanuman. Then Hanuman destroyed the Garden Palace burnt Argasoka Alengka. Then Hanuman reported troop strength of the opponent to Rama who built the bridge to attack Lanka. After that war going on and defeated Ravana. Then Rama Shinta meet again, but Rama Shinta dubious sanctity. With the help of God of Fire Shinta managed to prove her holiness. And finally receive Shinta Rama back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


not wrong if this archipelago bears the nickname "equatorial emerald" because its natural beauty bath interwoven strands of beautiful sparkling gems at the equator from west to east end. air travel in the travel more than five hours from jakarta paid off with a natural charm that is owned by the city of Jayapura, the capital of the easternmost province in Indonesia.Jayapura this beautiful city situated in the bay Jayapura.

before World War II, jayapura occupied by the Dutch government and given the name Hollandia. name Hollandia given by the captain Sache in 1910. Hollandia meaning of the name itself is a place or land that was the bay.and it is true when viewed from the top of the hill, this city is so beautiful landscape combined with the bay which is also a major port city of Jayapura.since the Dutch era, the city with the original name of this Numbay had several times changed the name of Hollandia changed his name to a new city, then Soekarnopura and finally Jayapura.

such as the hum of nature are so beautiful, brought every human being fascinated by it. located on the banks of the bay make it as a town beach and harbor.was behind them, humble ranks of mountains and high hills towering. when viewed from a height like a horseshoe with the two sides are in altitude.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Program XL BlackBerry Roaming

Belum lama ini,  XL sebagai provider terkemuka di Indonesia mengeluarkan program baru untuk para pengguna BB. Sekitar dua minggu yang lalu program   XL Blackberry gratis roaming    ini bergema.   XL bekerja sama dengan tujuh negara ASEAN dengan menggandeng provider di masing-masing negara : Jepang dengan Softbank-nya, Singapura dengan M1-nya, Malaysia dengan Celcom-nya, Kamboja dengan Hello-nya, Banglades dengan Robi-nya, Sri Lanka dengan Dialog-nya, Hongkong dengan SmarTone-nya.

Dengan tarif Rp.99.000,- perbulan, para pengguna BB sudah bisa menikmati layanan  XL  BB Roaming ini di negara-negara yang disebutkan tadi.

Untuk pengguna kartu  XL BlackBerry prabayar, pengguna dapat menikmati gratis internasional roaming selama 3 hari pertama untuk maksimal 3 kali kunjungan di negara-negara yang telah bekerja sama dengan XL, dalam jangka waktu satu bulan. Setelah itu, hari ke empat dan seterusnya, akan dikenakan kembali tarif normal roaming internasional.

Sedangkan untuk pengguna XL BlackBerry pasca bayar, program gratis XL BB Roaming adalah selama 9 hari pertama di negara-negara yang telah bekerja sama dengan XL, dalam jangka waktu satu bulan, dan untuk hari ke 10 dan seterusnya, akan dikenakan kembali tarif normal roaming internasional.

Inilah keunikan dari  XL. Selalu berupaya untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi konsumennya di manapun berada. Dengan menggunakan XL BB Roaming, para pengguna tidak perlu lagi membayar biaya apapun untuk mengaktifkannya. Selain itu juga, XL selalu berupaya untuk memudahkan para penggunanya dengan program-program bermutu yang lebih cenderung menguntungkan konsumen.

Sebuah terobosan inovatif yang diluncurkan oleh XL, karena hanya XL lah satu-satunya provider yang meluncurkan program gratis roaming bagi para penggunanya yang akan dan sedang berada di luar negeri, yang termasuk di dalam daftar program bebas roaming internasional.

Suatu saat nanti, pasti bukan hanya negara-negara ASEAN saja yang digandeng oleh XL untuk bekerja sama demi kepuasan pelanggannya. Akan ada program XL BB Roaming untuk negara-negara Eropa, bahkan bisa saja program ini dilaksanakan dengan negara-negara di seluruh bumi ini. Tentu saja, semua dilakukan XL demi kepuasan para penggunanya, para pelanggannya yang setia.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


specktacular dances of the manggarai people of western flores.
as i watch, two bare chested manggarai men circle each other warily in the area. both wear bright head dress and horned helmets with beautiful flores ikat covering their lower bodies. one man  is armed with a wicked leather whip over a couple of metres long. the other man attempts to defend himself with a large buffalo hide shield and a curved stick. as drums pulse and gongs sound in the background, the crowd in on edge. bells attached to the combatants' waists nervously jingle as they square off. suddenly the arm of the man clutching the whip is flung back and flies forward as the leather whip crack over his opponent. this is caci - the whip dancing duel of western flores.

with many other participants looking on, each "round" of the duel involves the whip wielding warrior lashing out at his opponent who desperately attempts to protect himself with his shield and stick. wen the whip strikes bare flesh, the two exchange weapons and they continue with roles reserved. soon two other combatants step into the ring and the "dance" continues with many participants over several hours.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hidden paradise, sempu island

Monday, October 4, 2010

lift the house, a real gotong royong

photo taken at the time of crossing the street and happened to be a group of residents who are moving home.

Friday, October 1, 2010

mie titi, healthy noodle filling

One type of other cuisine that should not be missed when you visit to Makassar is Mi Titi, mesh dry noodle dish that is very similar to China's cuisine at the restaurant - I Fumi, but Mi Titi has a characteristic that is interesting, these noodles are made from basic materials fried noodles dry, after which it is poured with vegetable dishes such as soups cap cay that there are various kinds of materials inside the meat, shrimp, squid, and not forget the vegetables, with egg-added deliciousness of this dish.
It was said that the center of the Mie Titi in the area of  Jl.Irian , A bowl of noodles in a large portion of Mie Titi Panakukang, Makassar valued Rp. 25 000 (large portion) and Rp 20,000 (small portions) the difference is only 5000, but pretty much different from the excess portion, the price that much taste not very significant when compared with the tempting taste.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

berau , east kalimantan destination

you already exist in  Berau, East Kalimantan? if you want to obtain good memories and can enjoy during your trip, you should come to the place the following:

  1. GIE river. swift-moving river, suitable for rafting.
  2. The tabur mountain palace. inside the museum, we can find a replica of the royal throne adorned with objects that are used by the king to receive guests and meeting with officials of the kingdom, there are also beds that are decorated with unique netting, used by the king as a retreat.
  3. Sambaliung palace. one of the historical tourist attraction which still stands majestic and preserved in the district sambaliung. cultural heritage which proves, Berau district has two intertwined royal anti-imperialist solidarity.
  4. Lunggun. Dayak coffins are buried in the caves of the mountains.
  5. Redep cape town . is the center of the district of Berau. all trading activities and public facilities there are in this city as well as means of entertainment

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a rare gecko from gunungpati have caught

lizard who had changed the color to black and the shape also changes other than the usual lizard. whether this lizard? gecko rare or new species? black lizard was found inside the house of mas rowi , in the mountain districts Ungaran semarang central java. when the lizard was visible, directly in the chase and captured and then enter into a clear container to appear.been fed a small grasshopper.

Monday, September 27, 2010

paranormal figure movie eat pray and love a lot of tourists come

Ketut layer name more famous as a psychic or 'smart people'. not only in Bali, but also internationally. it can not be separated from the novel and movie eat, pray, love (EPL), starring a beautiful actress julia roberts.i Mangku Ketut layer, male 95 years old who live in areas rich Pengosekan banjo, Ubud, Bali is now busy incredible, after becoming a central figure in the novel and film that EPL.

from morning to evening many guests who came. more and more things coming in the afternoon.layer takes approximately 30 minutes to predict and treat every guest. indeed, after the publication of novels written  EPL Elizabeth Gilbert, author of a former American journalist, Ketut layer house is getting crowded. 

especially after the novel by the author's background story was filmed with a beautiful star Julia Robert and local star Christine Hakim. because this house became the main filming location of this movie. Gilbert even want to invite Mangku layers come into play in a romantic film, but because of his health condition is not possible, he did not play.

indeed, the residence of Mangku liyer that are not so plush has a distinctive charm. the house was assessed to be eligible for a romantic ambiance as Gilbert has experienced decades ago. Therefore, the house was transformed in such a way that the ancient impressed.

layer in one day be able to serve 20-30 people. both local residents, domestic visitors from several cities in Indonesia, as well as foreign guests from various countries. the most of even foreign visitors, mainly from U.S., Japanese, Australian, German, Dutch and Russian.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ngaben in bali

Cremation is Ngaben is carried out in Bali, especially by the Hindus, Hinduism Nowhere is the religion of the majority on the island of thousand temple. In the Panca Yadnya, this ceremony is Included in Yadnya Pitra, namely the ceremony devoted to the ancestor spirit. Ngaben ceremony at its core meaning is to restore the Ancestral spirits (dead) to its original place. A man has Pedanda said Bayu, sabdad, eyelash, and after death Bayu, word, eyelash was restored to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. 
Ngaben ceremony is usually conducted by family or relatives of the deceased, as a form of respect for a child to his parents. In this ceremony once the funds typically Spend 15 million to 20 million rupiah. This ceremony is usually done with colorful, no sobs, Because in Bali there is a belief That We Should not mourn Those WHO Died Because it Could have almost the spirits of the journey toward his place. 

Day of execution is determined by finding good day Ngaben Which is usually determined by Pedanda. A Few days before the ceremony conducted Ngaben Families assisted by the community will of create a "Bade and Ox" a very stately wooden, Colored paper and other materials. "Bade and Ox" This is where the body Which Will Be Held Ngaben.

In the morning the ceremony was conducted Pls, family and relatives and the community will from gather to prepare the ceremony. The Corpse Will Be cleaned or commonly called "Nyiramin" by society and family, "Nyiramin" is led by WHO Considered the oldest people in the community. After That the body would fit with traditional Balinese clothes like a person Who is still alive. Implemented before the top event, the entire family will of give on their last respects and prayed diupacarai Gave spirits obtain a good place. When everything is ready, then the body will from be placed in "Bade" to be carried to the grave rollicking place Ngaben ceremony, accompanied by a "gamelan", "Chant the sacred", and followed by all the family and society , in front of "Bade" 'there is a meaningful long white cloth as the ghost of an opening toward the street Nowhere She belongs. At Each junction or intersection so "Bade" is played 3 times. Arriving at the cemetery, Ngaben ceremony conducted by placing the Corpse in "Ox" Which has been prepared starting with the other ceremonies and prayers of Ida Pedanda spell, then the "Ox" burned changed from Ash. Ash is then dumped into the sea or Rivers That Are Considered sacred.
After this ceremony, the family cans pray for calm from the holy sites and Ancestral Temples respectively. This is the cause of family ties in Bali is very strong, Because they want always remember and honor lelulur and Also on their parents. There is a belief That Experiencing Reincarnation of Ancestral spirits Who Will be back in the family circle again, so usually a grandchild is a Reincarnation of his parents.

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