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Sunday, December 6, 2009

tongkonan (typical traditional house of Tana Toraja) roofed stone

At Tana Toraja district, there is a house tongkonan 700-year-old roof with stones. there in the village of Banga 'rembon district of Tana Toraja regency (Tator). From Makale town can be reached by motor vehicle approximately 20 minutes towards the west.

The house size of 1.5 X 2 meters. tongkonan briefly for granted, but if observed, the old building was full of historical values. but believed to be the product 700-year-old culture, are also open to stone. tongkonan roof stone carved as to form a thick rectangle about 5 inches wide and three-inch adult. at the end of the stone there are two small holes on the left and right. the hole as a place to attach the cable that will attach to the beams in the roof frame. at the top of the roof of a meeting between the left and right, closed using bamboo shards to rain water does not seep into tongkonan. tongkonan roofing stone was taken from the river not far from the village.

Another uniqueness is that tongkongna it tongkongan not use nails in building construction.

the number of stones used as a roof on it tongkonan more than 1000 pieces, the average weight of one roof about 10 Kg. tongkonan roof means the burden of approximately 10 tons. tongkonan roof and the body is supported by 55 pillars which are all made of wood. using a wooden plank floors and walls are also made of carved wood. on the front lined pole tens and even hundreds of buffalo horn is cut on each party to tradition. only one entrance which is located in the middle of the right side of the building. to enter into tongkonan it, visitors must go through the steps that are also made of wood. 

the house now occupied by a grandmother who was 110 years old. is a tenth generation of the first residents, dead-end stones. 

because of its unique and old buildings is believed to be 700 years old, Tana Toraja district government proposes to tongkonan United Nations Educational, scientific, and culture organizations (UNESCO) as one of the cultural products of natural fund the archipelago into the world cultural heritage list. unesco is an agency of the United Nations (UN) in charge of the world's cultural sector


diana said...

nice..apalagi kl bisa ditambah sm gambarnya..^_^

windflow said...

makacih..ntr request nih..hehehe

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