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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

visit indonesia year


Situated upon the equator and bathed by the tepid water of the great tropical oceans, this region enjoys a climate more uniformly hot and moist than almost any other part of the globe, and teams with natural productions which are elsewhere unknown. (Wallace 1869) 

Indonesia comes from the word "Indos" which means Indian and "NESOS" which means islands, is a major part of Indo-Malayan triangle in the middle of the Indo-Pacific or known as the Indo-Polynesian. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with a strategic position in the pattern of global ocean circulation.

 girl dayak, kalimantan

Indonesia lies in a central position in the Indo-Pacific region and is a permeable boundary between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and between the continent of Asia and the continent of Australia. The number more than 17,500 islands large and small islands, among them a new smoothly and about 1,000 islands are inhabited by people. The islands and the islands 1068 inhabited by tribes who communicate with 665 local languages, are united with the national language INDONESIAN.

lombok island marines
Total area of 7,892,350 km2 Indonesia, the land area is 1,926,337 km2 (24.4%), shoreline length of 80,791 km. Deep water between the islands is 35.7% of the entire territory of Indonesia or 2,820,000 km2. 420,000 km2 is the area of territorial sea, is 1,500,000 km2 of continental shoal shoal known as the Sunda and Sahul. 2,730,000 km2 of the exclusive economic zone. Indonesian waters is to unite the islands into a single entity in the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).


bira island, celebes
Which form the archipelago of Indonesia, is a 'home stay' diverse marine resources. Coastal waters and Indonesia has many diverse ecosystems, such as beaches, sand dunes, Estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs, sea grass and other ecosystems besides the small islands. Such environments are flagship tourist attraction for Indonesia.


For the geological community of the world, the name reminded Indonesia to two famous volcanoes in the world. Eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 is the fourth eruption terdahsyat in the world (Hutchinson, 1982). Meanwhile, the eruption of Mount Tambora on Sumbawa Island in 1815 is the most powerful eruption in history. However, there are still many Indonesian people who do not know. And Krakatoa was filmed by Hollywood, although one location and is mentioned as: Krakatoa, east of Java. Besides Krakatoa and Tambora, Indonesia has dozens of volcanoes which spread from Sabang to Merauke.

waters in deep west papua
In the area we know the term archipelago Wallace line, the zoogeographical boundary that distinguishes the flora and fauna of Asia and Australia. It lies between the island of Bali and Lombok Island and north of Pualau Kalimantan and Sulawesi (1863-1880) who later rectified (1910) more towards the east, between the island of Sulawesi and the Moluccas.


west javanese tea plantation

Indonesia was blessed with a subtropical climate friendly, fertile soil, rich seas and beautiful panoramic mountains, plains, and coastal beaches. Fauna that numbers more than 3,000 species, among them the rare flora and fauna. Flora of Indonesia consists of more than 47,000 species or 12% of all species in the world.

In the field of arts and culture there are at least 300 traditional dances, traditional houses, traditional clothes, traditional ceremonies and other traditional foods delicious healthy-infinite variety, and variety of clothing materials are extraordinary and the board with the share of local architecture which stored the wisdom the use of local natural resources to meet their needs and create various forms of identity unique to each community group.



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