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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Welcoming the age of 402 years (09 November 2009), Makassar City is still fairly young when compared to historical distant Makassar name into the past. But did you know origin and meaning of high values of Makassar's name? Three days in a row to His Majesty the King of Tallo-VI Mangkubumi Kingdom of Gowa, I Mannyonri Karaeng Mallingkaang Daeng who concurrently Katangka ri Gowa Tuma'bicara Butta (born 1573), dreams of seeing the light that shines comes from Tallo. Beautiful sheen of light that radiates throughout Butta Gowa and to other friendly countries.

Along the third night, the Friday night date Rabi'ul 9 H 1014 or the date of 22 September 1605 M. (Darwa rasyid MS., Events Historic Years of South Sulawesi from the XIV century s / d XIX, hal.36), on the shoreline Tallo a small boat dock. The screen is made of a turban, flying fast.Male figure appears to anchor the boat and doing strange movements. The man turned out to pray. The light emitted from the body that makes Ielaki appalling spectacle Tallo residents, who instantly busy to talk to the king's ear Karaeng Katangka. In the early morning, the King rushed to the beach. But suddenly the man had appeared 'blocking' in the palace gates. White robe with a green turban. His face was calm. Her whole body glowed.

He was shaking hands with His Majesty the King who was stiff because of astonishment. He took his hand and then write a sentence in the palm of the hand Baginda "Show this text at the moment he came close in shore," he ordered and then just disappeared. Baginda was shocked. He felt around his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming. Saw palm his hand writing was clear there. Katangka Karaeng Baginda and hurried to the beach. Sure enough, a man looks middle moor the boat, and greeted his arrival.

Long story short, the king related his experience was and show the writing on the palm of his hand on him. "Blessed King. This paper is a two-sentence confession of faith, "he said. The man who wrote it is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Blessings of Allaah be Wassallam own.Baginda Nabi has appeared in The King.

This event is believed to be traces the history of the origin of the name "Makassar", which is derived from the name "Akkasaraki Nabbiya", meaning the Prophet appeared. The man who landed on the beach Tallo is Abdul Khatib Single Ma'mur known as Dato 'ri wave, originating from Central City (Minangkabau, West Sumatra). His Majesty the King of Tallo I Mallingkaang Daeng Manyonri Karaeng Katangka after embracing Islam and the title of Sultan Abdullah Islam Awawul Awaluddin Tumenanga Karaeng Tallo Agamana ri. He was the first king who converted to Islam on the plains of South Sulawesi.

Furthermore, walkthrough origin of the name "Makassar" can be viewed from several aspects, namely:

1. Meaning. To be a perfect human need "Ampakasaraki", which embody (menjasmanikan) what is contained in the inner is realized by deeds. "Mangkasarak" manifests itself as a perfect human being by teaching TAO or TAU (the science of inner conviction). Not like some people understood that "Mangkasarak" rude people easily offended. Actually, people who are easily offended the delicate feelings of people.

2. History. Portuguese sources at the beginning of the 16th century has recorded the name "Makassar". Century 16 "Makassar" has become the capital of the kingdom of Gowa. And in the same century, the capital of Makassar as well known by foreign nations. Even in his poems written by 14 Nagarakertagama Prapanca (1365) has listed the name of Makassar.

3. Language. In terms of etymology (Ngewa Daeng, 1972:1-2), Makassar comes dati word "Mangkasarak" which consists of two morphemes tie "does" and the free morpheme "kasarak".Morpheme tie "does" means: a). Properties such as contained in the basic words. b). Become or transform themselves as stated by the foundation. Free morpheme "kasarak" contains (meaning: a). Bright, clear, clear, firm. b). It appears from the explanation. c). Large (small or subtle opponent).

So, the word "Mangkasarak" Containing the sense of properties (noble) and honesty (Honesty).As a name, someone who has the nature or character "Mangkasarak" means the person is great (noble), honesty (honest). As the lips as well as in the liver.

John A.F. Schut in the book "De Volken van Nederlandsch Indie" the proceedings vol: De Makassaren en Boegineezen, stated: "Angkuh like the mountains, majestic like a natural, the river on the river, distant regions of high flow speed, fierce unconquerable, especially during the rainy season; water-boiling waterfalls spill, lather, passionate, often burning up the anger that did not look at anything and anyone. But as well as rivers, mountains nan increasingly fierce he ended quietly approached the shore. So also the Bugis people and Makassar, the serenity to accept what is good and beautiful ".

In the phrase "Akkana Mangkasarak", meaning to say frankly, even bitter, with courage and sense of responsibility. With the word "Mangkasarak" is it can be known that if he was treated well, he's better. When treated with a smooth, he is more subtle, and if he respected, he will be more respectful.


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