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Sunday, November 22, 2009

vagina's mountain

virgin mountain and called Buttu kabopong, located in the districts bordering Enrekang Tana Toraja. At this point the main axis road Tana Toraja - makassar have rest areas with stunning natural scenery. exotic landscapes and erotic in the mountains Buttu kabopong with the cool air.
to Tana Toraja, Makassar you will be treated to a beautiful natural scenery with the cool air.there are 3 main locations that need to stop off, is sitodon lewaja waterfalls, caves and mountain stone lady.
stone cave , located in the district baraka baraka, the cave recently discovered the local community.natural beauty of the cave is a natural stone and exotic, where the beauty of stalactites and sparkling stalakmit like gold, and in the cave there is a spacious room that one side is ill-chair throne of a very beautiful stone.
in a stone cave with a small river flowing clear water and very hygienic to be used if the conditions are forced at the time of the cave


julicavero said...

vagina mountain?really?i think that's not look like a real one..

mannoy said...

nice mountain

mannoy @webnatin said...

Is there a virgin forest in that mountain

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