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Monday, October 5, 2009

museum ambarawa; railway mountain tour

it takes only ONE HOUR but the memory of :
your RAILWAY MOUNTAIN TOUR will last forever

ambarawa railway museum store large collection of ancient objects really. paraphernalia that was used as the completeness operasianal a well maintained station. in the neat showroom traffic control equipment train. whereas in the museum courtyard there are many steam train locomotive with a variety of types. each cab is equipped with an explanation for it from the manufacturer's specifications

steam locomotives once used as a means of transport ambarawa Dutch soldiers to magelang, until the independence era of steam trains still operated as a public transportation used to transport civilians, mostly used by traders to magelang until the year 1976, had stopped a total of not operated until 1986, until then revived as a tourist railway station with direct routes ambarawa; museum Bedono-up station.

this is done in addition to tourism to revive the passion for railways are also railroads are not lost or damage, given the path that had never existed until now magelang has been used as homes or damaged and closed by roads....

Steam train with teak wood fuel is used as a tourist train station with direct routes to the station Bedono ambarawa. taken approximately 1.5 hours from station to station Bedono ambarawa, with winding roads and slopes, so that this steam train using a serrated wheel.
Ambawara railway museum has a collection of steam cab 2 is still operated with a series of carriage 2. a series of cars with 2 cars used to serve the travel capacity of 40 people per carriage.1 car while another is a special car used by the president's first ri, is still well. on the steam train holiday season is just the ticket Rp. 50,000 per person or you can hire a certain price for your group is able to enjoy the nostalgic trip time of the Holland ,......

tourist trains with steam locomotives with a jagged line

Ambarawa Railway Museum is a railway station now converted into a museum in Ambarawa, Central Java, which has a complete train had triumphed in his day.

one of the steam railway locomotive number B 2502 and B 2503 esslingen maschinenfabriek made until now still can run the activity as a tourism railway. jagged steam train is unique and is one of three remaining in the world. two of them were in switzerland and india. in addition to the unique collections had, still can be seen various type of steam locomotives of the series B, C, D to type the greatest CC ( CC 5029, schweizsche lokomotiv und maschinenfabrik) in the museum yard.


Batik Canting100 said...

Very Nice !

And We Hope some time every Tourism that Railway from direct routes Ambarawa Museum until Bedono up station also willbe to visit my Production House of Batik Tulis Canting100 at Bedono ( Not Far from Bedono Station ).

Best Regards,
Eko BS.

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