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Monday, October 26, 2009

karebosi link

Shopping places that received an award from MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) as an underground shopping (underground mall) the first and the largest in Indonesia. This shopping center location just below the field Karebosi, the town square that became the pride of citizens makassar.

in the history of the square as an arena Karebosi harvest party in the era of king Tallo. Now functioned as a sports arena with a few facilities that can be used free of charge by residents makassar.

on 2.9 hectares of land around it, there is a soccer field, softball, futsal, jogging track, and Mushalla. extensive stands can be used as a place of ceremony and practice lovers skateboard and roller skates. helipad complement the modern design of the Karebosi link.

shopping center with a mix of public facility that became the new landmark of the city makassar world no longer the most modern and newest of the city makassar, trans studio.

the largest indoor theme park in the world than disneyland. there are 21 rides, like the other world, the BOLANG, cruise, magic thunder coaster, swinging waves, winds pick, and many more luxury interesting and exciting.

Trans studio theme park located on the main road cape metro makassar flowers, about 2 km south-west or 3 minutes from the beach area Losari. theme park covering 2.7 hectares can be reached within 30 minutes of the most important centers makassar town, he is also close to public transportation terminal plan, and has opened 9 September 2009.


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