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Friday, October 9, 2009

love hills, Ungarans wamps dizzy

Sightseeing locations in the district semarang, Ungaran city is located in the village Banyubiru ambarawa.leading to the location can be taken through the coffee plantations around tuntang Banaran near the Bawen’s terminal. if from the direction of the city jogjakarta to ambarawa turn right direction toward tingkir salatiga.hill love is a small hill covered with dense pine trees. marsh located right lane swimming, mountain Ungaran legs.

tourist attraction in the city famous Ungaran, but still quiet visitors, it is probably because the first place is not arranged nicely, but look at last condition, seems to love the primp hill. Area around the entrance has been widened, but first to go to this location is not easy, but narrow between houses, there is no sign of a guide. but now it is different, the shop - the shop neat and clean, typical food vendors lined diareal to juiga location. also been equipped with a hall aquarium with a variety of ornamental fish species.


typical food dizziness or marsh areas around the hill where this love is Wader fried. can be enjoyed immediately with rice pecel stalls - stalls are there, or it could be as souvenirs, but not only fried Wader available, there gurami, all fried shrimp with special seasoning. other than culinary, could also hire a boat at a price of about 30 thousand. boats for rent most of the surrounding property that is used to find fish or leased in the swamp angler reel.

pening own swamp save a well-known legend: new joko klinthing; with his Sodo lanang ...... told, a child who suffered from severe skin disease, diolek village disuatu fun by all the one wants to be friends with him. 

There is only one old woman who would love him, give him food joko klinthing ..... then instructed, if there is water overflow, immediately seek the highest places. without explaining what the meaning of the message

at one time, new joko klinthing contest held power struggle.

He stuck a stick; Sodo lanang; into the ground, and he challenged all the villagers to withdraw it, everyone will underestimate but there was no one can pull out.

after all people give up, then remove sticks klinthing joko and munculah water from the land, long more and more until the whole village tesebut Drown except the woman who had given him to eat (like lapindo times may well ....). joko klinthing then turned into a snake-headed rowo keep ......


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