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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the fort rotterdam makassar

The Fort Rotterdam is the fortress known as "ujung pandang" the tip of view, is a relic of the glory and might of the history of the kingdom of Gowa in the 17th century. This fortress was built in 1545 by the king of Gowa IX. he is known as i marigau Karaeng Bonto daeng lakiung, known as the turipallangga Karaeng ulaweng.

in its heyday the fort was a stronghold of the kingdom of Gowa. then taken over by the Dutch government and the Japanese rule. oelh independence after the government of Indonesia used as a place of asylum and archaeological heritage, cultural centers and museums La Galigo.
fort rotterdam is located in the city center along the coastal strip makassar Losari. can be done with a variety of vehicles and public transport. This fort near the shopping center there Somba Opu road, which provides many craft items typical sulawesi. These locations are also many hotels, cafes, travel agency.


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