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Monday, June 22, 2009

ulu juku'

When a visit to Makassar, there are a variety of unique culinary makassarese you can enjoy. There coto, konro, pallu soup base and relatives. But if you worried about cholesterol, the cuisine because it's good to try this culinary. Ulu Juku ...
Ulu  juku is a makassarese language for fish heads. This new culinary emerged a few years and compete with other culinary delights. Perhaps since many snapper are exported to foreign countries and heads of fish left in Makassar. Then people with creative culinary create this. For some, the enjoyment of culinary fish head more than the other fish.
Culinary with the basic ingredients of red snapper head and white is available in several types of cuisine, pallu mara, pallu kaloa, fish head soup and curry fish head. In some shops, fish head soup is a curry dish, so it must be checked lest misunderstanding.
Pallumara cooking fish is translucent yellow gravy. The main seasoning is a blend of turmeric and tamarind. acids can also be replaced starfruit or mango preserves. It's like soup with a strong sour taste. Pallumara cuisine is the most common dish in the house from Bugis Makassar. Bugis people - including public officials to eat fish almost every day with pallumara cuisine.

Kaloa pallu is brownish soup of fish dishes. The main seasoning is a spice blend called kaloa. Kaloa seemed only popular in Bugis Makassar. Kaloa make a more savory dish. In addition to flavor soups, regular kaloa also used as a seasoning for backpacking. Some stalls coto use as a seasoning blend kaloa backpacking.

Curry dishes and soups are goulash and soup as usual. Soup served hot will feel fresh with a touch of sour taste. What more if spicy concoction, sweat can trill. For the flu can be directly recovered. Curry dishes like curry goat or curry fish head dishes meadow, desert cuisine difference is usually thicker coconut milk.

Culinary Ulu this Juku you can get some places in Makassar, in jl. Petta Rani, jl. Abdullah dg sirua, jl. Alauddin and some other places. First the first time the famous Ulu juku in jl. Mappanyukki. It costs about 20 rb 30 rb per serving. Makassarese portion servings, if spent standing can be difficult because of satiation..

For the culinary lover who happened to stop in Makassar, do not miss the chance to enjoy this culinary maknyuss guaranteed


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