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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sup saudara

brother soup quite a surprise .. .. ate my friend was horrified .. what else is ...., but wait a minute ... this is just a unique food south sulawesi. homage to one meal of this soup with the soup very different from what we often listen. rib soup, oxtail soup, this soup .... .. far consists of a thick soup with beef seasoning, served with fresh baked fish accompanied with sambel .. spicy mixed with oranges, tomatoes and cucumbers .. well ... ..

a rather unique way of eating ... imagine ... soup spoon would wear .. but fitting to see milkfish also troublesome fuel ... .. so yes .. it should "intervene" to finish it too ..... but you should be in the soup .. uh .. have tried .. . if you're a walk to the south sulawesi. definitely going to continue to feel distinctly remember this one .. its name is scary, that makes people curious, it's also 'mantab'


SEE ILK ONLY said...

hmmmmm, kecium ni wanginya..,dr namanya berarti kl mkan sup ini ga blh sendiri..hrs ajak saudara atau temen2..kl makanya sendiri kyak satrio..ntar supnya jd berubah namatu,,jd sup pribadi..:)eh tapi yg paling menyeramkan alas mejanya tuh..makan korban katanya..iiiiiiiiii

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