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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

food tourism of TPI lappa.sinjai.celebes

this tourism spot is located in kelurahan lappa of kecamatan sinjai utara approximately 4 km from the capital of sinjai regency. travelling to sinjai regency is not yet complete without visiting TPI lappa. TPI lappa is the place where every fisherman bring their fish to for sale. TPI lappa is one of biggest contributor for the regency inlocal revenue collection. the visitor can view the crowd of fisherman landing their fishes from the sea. this view is also an interesting thing to witness.
the visitor never forget to enjoy to eat the fresh burned fish. the visitor can burn the fish themselves or just order and the owner of small restaurant can burn the ordered fish for the visitor. this place is very crowded during the evening. from TPI lappa, the visitor can cross to sembilan islands safely jonsong motorboat. the disntance is about 3 miles.


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