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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

food tourism of TPI lappa.sinjai.celebes

this tourism spot is located in kelurahan lappa of kecamatan sinjai utara approximately 4 km from the capital of sinjai regency. travelling to sinjai regency is not yet complete without visiting TPI lappa. TPI lappa is the place where every fisherman bring their fish to for sale. TPI lappa is one of biggest contributor for the regency inlocal revenue collection. the visitor can view the crowd of fisherman landing their fishes from the sea. this view is also an interesting thing to witness.
the visitor never forget to enjoy to eat the fresh burned fish. the visitor can burn the fish themselves or just order and the owner of small restaurant can burn the ordered fish for the visitor. this place is very crowded during the evening. from TPI lappa, the visitor can cross to sembilan islands safely jonsong motorboat. the disntance is about 3 miles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sate bulayak pulau lombok

sate khas kota mataram, lombok ini.......(lanjut besuk yah..udah ngatuk...heheheheh)

Friday, May 22, 2009

terowongan bone

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sup saudara

brother soup quite a surprise .. .. ate my friend was horrified .. what else is ...., but wait a minute ... this is just a unique food south sulawesi. homage to one meal of this soup with the soup very different from what we often listen. rib soup, oxtail soup, this soup .... .. far consists of a thick soup with beef seasoning, served with fresh baked fish accompanied with sambel .. spicy mixed with oranges, tomatoes and cucumbers .. well ... ..

a rather unique way of eating ... imagine ... soup spoon would wear .. but fitting to see milkfish also troublesome fuel ... .. so yes .. it should "intervene" to finish it too ..... but you should be in the soup .. uh .. have tried .. . if you're a walk to the south sulawesi. definitely going to continue to feel distinctly remember this one .. its name is scary, that makes people curious, it's also 'mantab'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

typical barn house lombok island

bam .. a typical traditional building construction backpacking ..., if the java functions as a store of rice and agricultural products. but this one, many collected by a diner and functioned as a "gazebo" for eating.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

irresh,minuman khas sinjai

minuman unik dengan rasa yang segar. rasa yang "sedikit galak" karena minuman yang terbuat dari jus apel segar yang dicampur dengan madu,susu, tape dan tidak ketinggalan telur. setelah semua ramuan jadi satu kemudian disimpan di freezer...kebayangkan dinginnya...jadi ketika diminum, butiran2 es terasa banget....... pertama kali ngrasain minuman ini......jadi inget bloody marry..hehehehehe cuma yang ini warnanya kuning segar.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

senggigi beach lombok. princess of the west coast

senggigi, named after a princess in local legend, is the main tourist centre on lombok. the resort area is about 10 km north of ampenan, and about 20 minutes drive from the island'selaparang airport. nowhere near as large or as busy as its bali counterparts, senggigi is a great base for exploring the rest of island.

the pace is very laid-back, with activities centred around the beaches and day trips to places interest, wich are all within a few hours drive from the town. at night, dine inthe many restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets, listen to live music at the bars, or dance the niht away at the nightclubs.

senggigi beach is the large bay that forms the centre of senggigi, with the main road running parallel to the beach and large resorts occupying the space between. the beach provides picturesque views of bali's gunung agung to the west and stunning sunsets with the vulcano silhoutted on the horizon.

senggigi reef, off the point near the senggigi beach hotel, has good coral for snorkelling and, in the right conditions, some decent surf breaks. canoes can be hired from the beach on weekend and during peak tourism times. local outrigger boats ( perahu) can be chartered from the beachfront for trips along the coast or out to the gilis.

the main road in senggigi is lined with small shop,tours agencies,restaurants, bars and nightclubs. there are a couple of supermarkets, numerous ATM's and moneycharger, a post office and all the normal tourist facilities. senggigi is a relaxing and attractives place to stay, with a good range of luxury hotels adn resorts, as well as mid-range and budget accommodations.

*by: lombok guide

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bantimurung . air terjun dan musium kupu-kupu


taman nasional bantimurung di kabupaten maros merupakan potensi wisata alam sulawesi selatan yang terus dikedepankan. terdapat di lembah bukit kars atau kapur yang curam dengan vegetasi tropis, sehingga kawasan inipun menjadi area pertambangan batu kapur sebagai bahan baku semen.
alam bantimurung dengan air terjun dan kupu-kupunya berjarak sekitar 30 km dari kota makassar, atau dapat ditempuh sekitar satu jam dengan kendaraaan pribadi. saat memasuki kawasan bantimurung, akan disambut dengan tulisan yang menempel didinding bukit kars.

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